Everybody talks about social responsibility and the necessity to open markets for 3rd world products in order to alleviate poverty and improve the prospect for a better future to millions of economically disadvantaged people.
Mid 2001, after 25 years of professional and managerial experience with internationally leading information technology companies, Eric Meier-Ruegg initiated the job creation project and provided the initial capital for investment funding and the required technical assistance.

Why South Africa? Eric emigrated to South Africa (Johannesburg) in 1976 as a sales representative for IBM. Only many years later he realised the detestable reality of the former apartheid regime. Since 1999 Eric travels regularly to South Africa and he is impressed what the „Rainbow Nation“ has achieved peacefully.

Eric is Swiss, born 1951, married to Silvia Meier-Ruegg and lives in Freienbach/Switzerland. He has a commercial degree of Zurich Business School (1972) and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School (AMP 1997).